horia consulting

Taxation and business are constantly changing, and increasingly they do so faster and with greater difficulties. Horia Advisory offers comprehensive advice adapted to the needs of our customers, adding value in the management and direction of their companies.
We advise and manage the scope of the risks associated with the  labour, accounting and tax area . We assure compliance with the global obligations of our customers in everything related to the management of their companies, we propose operational improvements, we offer services of outsourcing of processes of business, etc.
Ultimately, we can help you increase profitability and improve outcomes.

We believe in the effort, the confidence and the future.


Counselling service is based both on the "day by day" with our clients, as in the establishment of regular meetings, as often as necessary, in order to analyse the decisions that affect the management of all administrative areas of the company, all under the most strict confidentiality, and with an effective and practical approach.


Our commitment is to offer a service focused on quality, quick response and knowledge. We seek to learn more about the business of our customers to help them to be more efficient, developing a global strategy that persists over time, creating a solid foundation for the fulfillment of their obligations.
In Horia Advisory to the core values of commitment, involvement and integrity which determine our way of being and interact with our customers, we add the teamwork, providing the best of each, the respect for the person by itself, through their skills, qualities and experiences. Our firm intention is the Act in the most professional and objective way, looking for the excellence of the service we offer.

— Oliver Goldsmith —

"he greatest object in the universe is a good man struggling with adversity; yet there is still a greater, which is the good man that comes to relieve it."