horia consulting

Search and structuring of financing

Our job is to advise and solve complexities involving the search of financing or refinancing processes. As independent consultants, we create values helping develop optimal financing structures, which allow the access to traditional financing, and to other alternative financing methods, such as the search of potential investors or partners, Capital risk, venture capital, Seed capital, microcredit and institutional funds etc. In this way we offer integral value solutions which result in an improvement of the profitability of the business.

Investment and capital management

We intend to respond to the need of creating an instrument where are investors and business with future ideas. We support entrepreneurs in new and promising projects.
We provide not only financing but intelligent capital, i.e., money, experience and network of contacts.
We manage participations in companies in the growth phase, and mature companies with a track record of success.
We specialize in managing investments in special situations. Investments in companies with good strategic positioning, but that they confront shareholding, operational or financial challenges.

— Paulo Coelho —

"The possibility of a dream is what makes life worthwhile"