horia consulting

Corporate reorganization

We carry out a thorough diagnosis of the financial and operational situation of the company, identify the risks, determine the opportunities, and detect new approaches to value. We design a practical Action Plan, and give support in decision-making and in the implementation of it. We refinance projects, and/or seeking funding through traditional channels, or other alternative ways. (search for partner, investor, Capital risk, etc.)

Mergers and acquisitions

Horia advises and contributes its experience in mergers and integrations of companies, acquisitions of companies, search of partners, providing advice to management teams in leveraged transactions (Management buy-outs, Management Buy-Ins), or any other corporate operation (Leveraged Buy-outs, Build-ups, strategic alliances, etc.)

Valuation of companies

What is the value of a business?, how to increase the value of a company?, what is the best strategic option to follow?. We offer advice on matters related to the value of your company, its measurement and analysis of the best strategic options for its maximization. A proper assessment requires a knowledge of the market, the company and its competitors, as well as the financial and non-financial information. This requires a proper mix of analysis, experience and professional judgment.


— Stages —

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  • - Due diligence of business
  • - Independent analysis of the business model
  • - Structure and processes analysis
  • - Reviews of business plans and financial models
  • - Diagnosis of the financial situation
  • - Analysis and reflection with the Company
  • - New approaches to value
  • - Design of practical action plan
  • - Decision making
  • - Involving the company and the team
  • - Implementation of the action plan
  • - Share the implementation with the company
  • - Integration in the day-by-day plan
  • - Impel new practices
  • - Refinancing
  • - Search for traditional financing
  • - Search for alternative financing
  • - Search for investors

— Albert Einstein —

"We do not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same thing. The crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries, because the crisis brings progress, who overcomes crisis overcomes himself "